Consensus Changes

Last updated November 27, 2020

Calculating your rate

Before you apply for a job, you will know this information:

"What to do next: 1) Click the 'Unedited text' link to download the file. 2) Estimate how long it would take to edit the unedited text (1,000 words). We pay 1.4 (fixed) + 0.08 for each of ≤50 consensus changes. 3) Press the 'Apply' button before 17-Aug-2020 22:05 (UTC+00). 4) Review and submit your edited text before 17-Aug-2020 23:04 (UTC+00)."

Example rate

Your rate is in units of /h:

rate = budget / (reading time + editing time)


budget = (fixed budget + variable budget)

reading time = time to read per word word count

editing time = time to make 1 change total number of changes

Please change the values in 4 fields below. To calculate your rate, press the 'Calculate' button.

  • to read 1 word
  • to edit 1 error
  • Word count of unedited text
  • Total number of changes (one editor)
  • Number of consensus changes found (max=50)
  • Words read per min
  • Seconds to make 1 change
  • Hours reading
  • Hours editing
  • Fixed payment per editor
  • Variable payment per editor
  • Reading rate per editor
  • Editing rate per editor
  • Total rate per editor

Editing speed

The client's budget is divided into fixed and variable shares. Each editor is paid equally.

Payment for the fixed share is guaranteed. Reading rate is based on the UK minimum wage. The default value assumes that you read 100 words per min.

The variable share starts at 0 and increases with the number of consensus changes found. You will get 0.08 for each consensus change. There is no payment for single-editor changes.

Obvious errors are more likely to be consensus changes (red). Two rewordings by separate editors are likely to contain more single-editor changes (green or blue). Therefore, correct the most obvious errors first, because they are paid at a higher rate. You can edit the more difficult rewordings later if you have time or want to maximise your variable share. You may include time to check your work.

Applying for a Consensus Changes job is instantaneous. There is no administrative time (i.e. for job hunting, negotiating, or writing cover letters) or time lost in unsuccessful applications. Therefore, your previous rates included 10 min to several hours of administrative tasks. For example, if the pay is 30 and it takes 1 h to edit the text, compare our rate of 30/(1 h editing) = 30/h to your previous rate of 30/(1 h editing + 1 h admin.) = 15/h.

Increase your rate by working more quickly. Please change the words read per min to 150. Change the seconds to make 1 change to 6. Press the 'Calculate' button. Increase your rate by giving priority to the most obvious/likely consensus changes. Please set the total number of changes (one editor) and the number of consensus changes found to 50. Press the 'Calculate' button.

Number of changes

For Consensus Changes, we offer our clients light editing, moderate editing, and heavy editing. These are defined as ≤2, ≤25, and ≤75 consensus changes per 500 words, respectively.

The links show 1 consensus change to 140 words (4 consensus changes per 500 words), 7 consensus changes to 140 words (25 consensus changes per 500 words), and 21 consensus changes to 188 words (53 consensus changes per 500 words).

A change is one or more inserts or deletes or a replacement (one or more deletes followed by one or more inserts) with no unedited text (black) in between. A consensus change (red) is a change that both editors made independently. A single-editor change (green or blue) is a change that one editor made but the other did not. We count the consensus changes for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and inconsistencies of style.

For moderate editing, please make at least some tracked changes. First, correct errors for grammar, spelling, punctuation, text and paragraph formatting, and inconsistencies of style. If this does not result in enough tracked changes, please make light rewordings as improvements to the author's style of writing.

Your obligations

You have no obligation to apply. Once you press the 'Apply' button, you agree to

  • Know the stages that each job goes through from job creation ("Applicants are submitting an edited text.") to job completion ("A consensus was found between the texts.").
  • Use tracked changes and explanatory comments. Before adding a new comment, use the mouse pointer to highlight the text or element that the comment refers to.
  • Do not edit any text highlighted in yellow.
  • Your edited text must have the same number and order of tables, textboxes, and fields as the unedited text. Do not edit or add new structural elements (e.g. sections, page margins, breaks, lists, or numbering). In particular, do not modify or copy the following label:
  • Do not edit fields (e.g. author, numbering, indexes), equations, or footnote/endnote references directly, but suggest changes to them using a comment.
  • Edit table text, headers, footers, textboxes, footnotes, or endnotes directly using tracked changes.
  • If the meaning is not clear, use a comment to a) give one or more rewordings (with missing gaps, as appropriate, for the client to fill with nouns, verbs, etc.) or (as a last resort) b) delete the ambiguous text and explain why the meaning was not clear.
  • Remove inconsistencies of style.
  • Do not format paragraphs (e.g. do not modify the line spacing or paragraph indentation). Try to avoid adding new paragraphs, but instead explain any paragraph changes using a comment.
  • Do not change the language settings (e.g. English (UK) --> English (US)) of the unedited text, and do not add or format styles, themes, font type, or font size.
  • Do not apply if the unedited text is corrupted (e.g. Unknown field code changed). Use Microsoft Word, and save as .docx.
  • Do not format the text except for the 5 exceptions below. You may format or unformat only
  • underline
  • bold
  • italics
  • Xsuperscript
  • Xsubscript
  • You are not paid for formatting because I format the texts manually as a final step after you submit your editing. You are paid only for editing.
  • Accept the conditions for payment.
  • Consensus Changes is marketed with a fast turn-around time. If you have technical problems, please email your edited text to
  • Apply for a job when you are ready to start editing immediately and submit your work as a priority. Use Gmail alerts to play an alarm as soon as your email notification arrives.
  • Best of luck with your application :).