Consensus Changes

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Read the sections 'Client pages' and 'Full details'.

There are two types of guidance for each page. Click the link on the left (e.g. "New membership") to open the guidance text. Click the link on the right (e.g. "1") to open a dummy example of the page.

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Client pages

As a client, you will do the following actions: 1)create your account, 2) create a job, 3) pay through PayPal, 4) navigate to the job and j_id pages, and 5) view your transactions and invoices. The following guidance pages are listed in the same order.

New membership 1
Log in 1
Create an account 1
Enter OTP code 1
Logged in 1
Account 1
Edit account 1
Jobs 1
New job 1
Unedited text 1
New Consensus Changes 1
Job id Consensus Changes 1
Please update 1
Transactions 1
Send OTP code 1

  • Type of text
  • Word count of your text
  • ?Enter a number between '1' and '100,000' words.
  • Number of changes
  • We recommend
  • Simplicity
  • Quality

Full details

The rules of are disclosed below.

Thislink shows the stages that each job goes through from job creation ("Applicants are submitting an edited text.") to job completion ("A consensus was found between the texts.").

We have no fees on We buy the edited texts and sell the consensus to you. It is free to create your account.

Thislink shows the job stage for which we pay the editor.

Only our top-50 editors can apply for Consensus Changes.

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